We pride ourselves on our honest and candid approach with our candidates and in light of this, many of them return to us, to assist with their next career move. Our aim is to help our candidates feel comfortable and confident with us, whether they are taking that first step on the career ladder, or a seasoned professional. We take the time to understand candidates needs, career aspirations and their driving factors in searching for that perfect role. We ensure candidates are fully briefed on all opportunities, including salary expectations in relation to experience, market forces and most importantly, what can be expected from us as they begin their job search.


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Employment Visa

Please be aware that documents required for visa processes can differ based on the jurisdiction within the UAE that you will be working in. Please ensure to do your research and have your most recent education certificates attested.

As mentioned below, due to UAE Labour Law you must be on a Sponsored Visa (usually by a parent or spouse) in order to be considered for any temporary opportunities.

Relocating to the region and applying from overseas 

Unfortunately, it is very difficult for us to assist candidates who are currently resident overseas. Our clients are usually looking for immediate availability in terms of a face to face interview and prefer to focus on talent already based in the country. There has also been a recent Skype ban within the UAE, which limits options even more so for potential candidates that are residing overseas. The UAE is a regional hub and local knowledge is extremely important for many roles here.

We strongly urge you to do as much research as possible on the region, focusing on the cost of living in particular. Accommodation is expensive and the general cost of living is high. As of January 1st 2018, VAT is now being applied in the UAE to all goods and services. It is also important that you have a clear idea of the salaries on offer and the job market in general in relation to your skillset and experience. 

It is recommended that you visit the UAE for a minimum of at least two months in order to maximize on opportunities for yourself, as the job search within the region can be a lengthy process.   

There are a few tips we can offer to assist you with your relocation. These are intended as a guide only and are by no means exhaustive, as local regulations and procedures change frequently.

  • Ensure all your latest educational certificates are certified and attested by your local and UAE government.

  • Contact your embassy for procedures.

  • Research the local job market within your sector to understand current local salary levels and benefits.

  • Establish the cost of living in terms of accommodation, transportation, socialising, dining out, schooling etc.

  • Bring passport photographs – lots of them.

  • Ascertain your visa restrictions with regards to your nationality. Contact your UAE or country embassy for costs and procedures.

  • Understand local culture, business practice, and general do’s and don’ts in the region.

Why undertake temporary or contract work?

Whether you are new to the UAE or need more flexibility in your personal life, temporary work is a wonderful way to explore new opportunities. It can allow a newcomer to the region to familiarise themselves with regional business practice and meet new friends as well as giving them much needed local working experience. Short term assignments can help to build up the confidence of a job seeker who has been out of work for a while, and don’t forget that many temporary roles can open the door to permanent opportunities!

Please note that due to UAE Labour Law, you must be on a Sponsored Visa (usually by parent or spouse) in order to be considered for any temporary opportunities. 

We will only ever introduce you to a position and a client that is right for you; based on your experience and availability. The hours that you work will be monitored using a timesheet provided by Irwin & Dow and you will be paid directly by the client. Once we have secured a temporary role for you, we will explain every detail to you so you feel comfortable; the hours, location and directions on how to get there, the company culture, dress code and answer any questions you may have about the role. We will always call you on your first day to make sure that all is well and that you are happy.

We run a successful temporary desk at Irwin & Dow and if you are interested in temporary opportunities, then feel free to contact us for more information.