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Ramadan during COVID-19 - Stay Safe All

Taking a slight detour from our current blog pathway and with the situation most of us find ourselves in, let us look at the here and now.

With the onset of the Holy Month of Ramadan, this is going to bring new challenges for those who are fasting. With people finding themselves at home, unable to go outside or have family gatherings for Iftar, things will be quite different to a normal Ramadan for all Muslim families. We wanted to put together some information to ensure that you stay safe and healthy during this unprecedented and challenging time.

Physical Distancing

It has been well publicised that we should all be staying 2 meters (6 feet) apart from anyone that we do not live with. As we are all aware, all mosques have been closed, but this does mean you need to worry. As much as Ramadan is about being together, you could connect with your family and use your own time to pray. When you visit a supermarket to ensure you are ready for breaking your fast, be patient and stay a respected distance away from the people around you. If you are home with your family, make sure you think about the people that do not have this, and are celebrating Ramadan alone.


From an outsider’s point of view, this will be tougher than before. With temptation being so much closer, and being isolated, time is going to drag through the day and it will take more strength than before to maintain your fast. Take regular breaks from your work, get up, walk around, and try to keep yourself busy. Fasting is not recommended to anyone with any health issues and certain people such as elderly men and women and pregnant women are exempt from fasting, so do make sure you think of yourself in this regard.

Breaking Fast

It is said every year, but do try and stay healthy when it comes to breaking fast. Before your first prayer of the night, have a small snack (water & dates maybe) and then have a larger meal a little later on.


If you are fasting alone during Ramadan this year, it will not be easy as it is traditionally a time to be with family and loved ones. It has been widely documented that having a routine will help keep everyone’s mind in check, but if you are fasting during Ramadan, then this becomes even more important. Chose a time of day where you are most alert to set your routine, and then make sure you follow it as much as you can. Obviously, things will change as your body adapts to fasting, however do not be hard on yourself if you do not manage to stick to every step of your routine, be kind to yourself and maintain your good deeds and intentions throughout the month of Ramadan.


Charity has always been a large part of the month of Ramadan, and this year should be no different. Although we cannot move around and hand out food boxes, clothes or alms, there are many other ways to give or to help out with a charity that do not mean you have to leave your own home. There are many different local charities that you can assist with via online donations or pledging to provide your time in person in the future. You can also take care of others from afar by reaching out with a telephone or video call to check they have all they need or send an online food delivery for example. One thing that does have to be remembered though, is that you are helping people by staying inside, and that is one of the charitable things you can do right now.


With outdoor gyms and parks closed, this could be something that people find difficult. Although there are a multitude of different classes online (see our previous blog, Mental Wellbeing Tips, for our favourites!), it can be harder to keep motivated. Find a class or exercise routine online that works for you and change it up on a daily basis. This can mean a new type of exercise or you find a new instructor that you like. I think the main goal here, is just to keep as active.

To all those celebrating the month of Ramadan, we wish you and your family a very successful and rewarding month and to all our clients, candidates and friends, stay safe, well and positive and we will see you on the other side.

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