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Expo Has Arrived!

Dubai Expo 2020 is one of the UAEs most highly anticipated events in recent years. After what has seemed like an exceptionally long wait, with initial dates being postponed due to the pandemic, the opening ceremony kicks off tonight at 7:30pm to officially open the site. The event will run for six months before ending in March 2022, following the theme of ‘’Connecting Minds, Shaping the future’” to encourage participating countries to focus on sustainability, mobility and opportunity. Dubai celebrated with Fireworks and even a school holiday in 2013 when they won the bid to host the global trade fair, and has since been eagerly awaiting the chance to showcase what makes this the perfect place to live, work and invest in on the global platform.

What makes Expo 2020 particularly impressive is that it marks the first World Expo to be held in a Middle Eastern country, with this opportunity throwing open the doors to investment and change within the MENA region.

What is Expo?

Expo is a platform for people from across the globe to come together and collaborate, share their ideas, learn and innovate. This year 191 countries are getting involved, showcasing their innovations, culture and cuisine to visitors. Each country will have their own Pavilion at the exhibition center to showcase their achievements and invite visitors to experience the wonders of what Expo has to offer.

What impact is Expo 2020 expected to have on the UAE?

Expo places Dubai in the spotlight

Dubai has always been regarded as a popular tourist hotspot and an international hub attracting millions of visitors every year. The pandemic however had a significant effect on tourism, with travel restrictions being imposed internationally. Expo is the perfect opportunity for Dubai and the UAE to showcase how well that have bounced back from such a challenging economic time, with millions of visitors expected to pass through the exhibition center over the coming six months.

Encouraging new business and investment

Expo also presents the perfect opportunity for those looking to start a Business in the UAE, with the worlds leading investors and business tycoons converging at the global trade fair. It is also estimated that Expo 2020 will generate almost USD 20 Billion in foreign investment into an array of sectors over the coming years.

A boost for many industries

Countless industries have been able to gain from the positive impact Expo is having on Dubai’s job market, including some of the sectors that took a significant hit during the pandemic. 70% of visitors to the exhibition center are expected to be from overseas, which will mean a massive boost to the hospitality sector. Tourism will also be able to provide a significant boost to the food and beverage industry, with Businesses offering their services to a wider market during the event.

Freelancers in the field of Marketing, and Design such as Graphic Designers of content writers have also been able to get involved in the production of Dubai Expo 2020, giving them a chance to add an impressive project to their portfolio for attracting future clients. Real Estate, Retail and other industries will also be able to reap the benefits, as the Dubai Expo is estimated to bring in over 270,000 jobs to the UAE.

This economic boost and growth in the job market will not just be limited to the six months while Expo 2020 is taking place. The effects of this exhibition are expected to bring about a permanent change to not only the UAE but the Middle East.

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