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10 Top Interview Tips

Having a job interview can be a very daunting experience and something you want to make sure goes well enough for you to secure a job!

Consider the points below to make sure you are prepared and come across as a suitable candidate for your next interview:

1. Research the company

Make sure you check out the company website before you head in to your interview! Interviewers want to know you are actually interested in the role at their company and looking to grow your career with them, not just going for the first available job! It is very common for companies to start with questions such as “what do you know about what we do?”, or “what do you already know about our company?”, so make sure you have some answers prepared!

2. Research the role

Make sure you know the requirements of the job you’ve applied for. Reading through the job description and doing your research can also help you highlight your own relevant skills to the role when being questioned, as well as making sure you have the right credentials the company is looking for. Do some research on similar roles to find out what the day-to-day tasks would involve.

3. Know the dress code

A big part of the first impression you make will be based on your appearance. Make sure you are dressing appropriately for the position you are interviewing for; it is an office role make sure you are smartly dressed! Have your interview attire prepared the night before to avoid any last-minute rushing. You could also have a look at the LinkedIn profile of current employees to have an idea of how they dress. You may find initial interviews to be over video calls, but as the interviewer can still see you it is important to still dress for an interview!

4. Be punctual

Try and arrive at least 10 – 15 minutes before your interview is scheduled, turning up late or in a rush can show disorganization or a lack of care. Set your alarms the night before to make sure you have plenty of time to be ready and plan your route to your interview so you know how long you need to get there.

5. Have a positive tone

Although what you are saying to the hiring manager is important, how you say it can be equally as influencing. Being monotone or having a lack of emotion in your voice when explaining how much you want the job might give some mixed messages! Being positive in your voice and speaking clearly can show your confidence and good communication skills.

6. Have some answers / scenarios prepared

Having to pause and think when being questioned in an interview can make you look unprepared. It’s important to put some time in before hand and have some example answers ready. Try making a list of open ended and comprehensive questions and practice how you would answer them, such as “what do you think makes you the right fit for this role?”.

7. Be polite

This doesn’t only go towards your hiring manager, but anyone you may meet going into your interview such as the receptionist checking you in. You never know who will provide input into the final decision. Have a positive and friendly attitude towards your hiring manager to show you would be a great addition to their team!

8. Good non-verbal behavior

It is important to consider more than what you are saying in your interview. Your posture, hand gestures and eye contact are all points you should consider when trying to come across as professional and friendly. This is also something you should take into consideration with video calls now being more common during the pandemic. You won’t be able to start the interview off with a firm handshake so try seeming more animated on the screen!

9. Prepare your own questions

Towards the end of the interview, you will be asked “Do you have any questions for us?”. Make sure you have some ready to go instead of just rushing off out the door! This can be your chance to show your genuine interest in how you could grow with the company with a question such as “Where do you see the company in 5 years’ time?”, or simply asking what a day in the role would look like.

10. Follow up with a thank you

If you don’t already have the hiring manager’s details, ask for a business card at the end. After your interview, follow up with a brief email thanking your interviewer for their time and the opportunity to be considered for the role. This will also give you an opportunity to summarize the key skills that make you suitable for the job and to also express your interest in the role. There may have also been something you forgot to mention in the interview or wanted to clarify that you can now demonstrate.

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