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Traits of a Fearless Jobseeker

Everyone knows that looking for a new job can be a long, drawn out and difficult process. The perfect job doesn’t just land at your feet, it can take a lot of time and commitment to find. Jobs have been on the rise since the start of the new year, making it the perfect time to dedicate your focus into that dream career move.

What is the best way to make sure you climb that career ladder? Your approach, the characteristics and traits you present in your search can make a massive impact on your chances. We have outlined what we think are the four most important traits a job seeker can have to push them through the process of finding that perfect job:


It can also be quite easy for a hiring manager to tell who has just applied for any job they have come across, and who is really passionate about the job. A passionate candidate will have done thorough research into the company they are applying for to maximize the impression they make.

A 9 -5 job also takes up a substantial part of any individuals life, so its important this is one you enjoy! Take time to really think about what you enjoy doing, and how you can channel this into a career. It also makes the searching process drag out much less if you are looking for something you really want to do!


Learn from previous mistakes. It’s always important to ask for feedback and constructive criticism if you have not been successful at interview stage. Try and identify any patterns that you need to change that can help your chances for the next interview. Maybe the interviewer said you came across as nervous, or a few individuals have said you didn’t answer a particular question well. If you can pinpoint any weaknesses, you can turn this in to a strength and significantly increase your chances for the next application.


A good candidate will be able to outline and understand their skills and key achievements, showcase these! Pinpoint exactly what skills you can bring to a role on your CV and in your interview answers with confidence.

It can be easy to panic and take the first offer that comes your way, even if it may not be the right fit. Research salary brackets for the roles and industries you are applying for before making any decision, as this can help you leverage a good salary when discussing packages at final stage and also know if a role you are applying for is going to be within your capabilities.

Ultimately, self-worth is an important trait in order to know if you are at the right level on the career ladder. If the answer is that you could be pushing yourself more, then do it!


A positive outlook is one of the most crucial traits to have in order to persevere. Being fearless involves emulating confidence and a can-do attitude in your behavior and the answers you provide in an interview.

A lot of individuals can be held back by fear. This might be the fear of moving away from job stability, the fear of rejection, or the fear of interviews. Identify what area of the application process may be your weakness to try and work on this. For example, if the interviews are what is giving you anxiety about taking the plunge, then practice answers with friends or family.

Its also important to remember the difference between confidence and arrogance. Remember to showcase what your skills are instead of just boasting about them by using examples in previous roles.

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