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The Ever-changing Job Market

Everyone in the recruitment world will agree that the start of the year has brought on a flurry of hiring activity from companies globally. With the economy slowly recovering there have been a number of multinational corporations on a hiring spree again, and we have also seen smaller companies and startups starting to grow and expand their headcount.

Within this rehiring period there have been some notable trends occurring, one of them being the shift in power between the candidates and the clients. Resignations have been on the rise with employees seeking better opportunities, a recent trend that has been termed as “The Great Reshuffle”. During lockdown employees were happy to have a safe and secure role, as competition for the reduced amount of available work left a lot of individuals facing redundancy. This however has all changed with the influx of new hiring.

Employees are increasingly seeking better opportunities, and some of the main factors are highlighted below:

Remote work

The pandemic had employees working from home across the globe, sometimes due to mandatory restrictions. Remote or home working before the pandemic was a rare luxury offered by only a few companies in specific industries where it was much easier to work remotely. This option has now become increasingly advertised on job postings as an incentive to draw in candidates. This is especially relevant to the UAE, due to the large expat population. Being given the option to work remotely from your home country is an opportunity that any employee would find appealing.

Company Culture

When employees are in the office, they want to be able to enjoy the environment they are in. Incentives, such as rewards for reaching monthly targets can go a long way in driving up work ethic. Company lunches or events out of the office are also benefits that are being posted more and more on recent job adverts.

How can companies handle The Great Reshuffle?

Top talent is becoming increasingly hard to keep hold of. It’s important to check in with employees and listen your employees. A great way to do this is through appraisals, where any concerns or improvements can be raised. Managers should also make an effort to keep up to date with the market and competitors to make sure what you are offering employees isn’t below market level. This goes further than just salary packages, as the above points raised should all be considered. Offering more flexibility and a better work-life balance for employees is more important now than ever.

Ultimately, with more and more organizations globally are making changes to increase flexibility. In order to avoid losing out on top talent, smaller organizations will eventually have to follow suit.

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