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How to sucessfully job hunt over the festive season

Job hunting over the festive season can be pretty unappealing. Getting stuck in a cycle of searching for the right role and filling out endless application forms can make you want to bury your head into your pudding – but, it’s important you don’t give up!

There is a common misconception that companies don’t hire new staff over the time but this isn’t entirely true. Companies may wind down during the festive season but that doesn’t mean the jobs are not there.

By staying on top of your job search and following these tips, you can keep your spirits high when it comes to job hunting this time of year

Cleanse your CV

This is the first step to making job hunting easy. Eliminate any information that is no longer needed or alternatively, add things to your CV that will help you stand out . Your CV should always be reader-friendly and up-to-date.

Reach out to other jobseekers

Speaking to other jobseekers can be really beneficial. It’s a good way to share tips but also for offering and receiving advice to help you stay motivated. Sometimes job hunting can seem like a drag so every now and again, its good to get a little boost.

Send out personal emails

The festive season can be a quiet time for job applications so use this to your advantage and consider sending out personal emails as a way to introduce yourself and get conversations flowing.

Consider a temporary role

Although this may be harder to do in the middle east, the temporary market is still busy. If you have a sponsorship out here that allows your to work a temporary role, get out there an do one. Many companies will be looking for an extra pair of hands, or cover for those who are going home to visit loved ones. It might not be exactly what you are looking for, but it could be a step in the right direction and your employer might consider keeping you on full time.

Look for opportunities to keep you occupied

If you're currently between jobs, it’s a good idea to look for freelance or volunteer work to show potential employers that you are keeping active. Obviously get the right permissions, but this kind of work it great for your portfolio when it comes to showing examples of your work during an interview.

Don’t let job hunting take over your life

Its important to keep job hunting and enjoying the festive season separate. Starting early and giving yourself regular breaks during the day will help you to feel productive and you wont feel guilty about tucking into a hot chocolate and sticking a good film on in the evening.

Start planning for the new year

As hard as it may be, don’t let job hunting ruin your festive time. Its an excting period of the year to spend with family and friends and the last thing you want is to put a downer on the celebrations. Set yourself daily or weekly goals for January so that when the new year comes around, youre not starting from scratch.

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