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How being healthy can help you excel in your career

Consistency, creativity, passion and a go-getter attitude may all be essential to climb up the corporate ladder, but there's an asset working behind the scenes that plays an even more important role. Your health!

The busy nature of modern life means we end up taking care of everyone and everything else at the cost of our own health. Big mistake. For most successful professionals say the key to a great career is good health.

Being in top shape not only protects you from common illnesses but also enhances your productivity at work.

A healthy diet, exercise, good sleeping habits are key to maintaining a good health.

Here’s how healthy habits can boost your productivity at workplace:

You’ll take less sick leaves

Following a healthy lifestyle boosts your body’s immune system and ensures that you do not succumb easily to common seasonal illnesses like the flu. This translates into fewer sick leaves. In the long run, a healthy lifestyle also means keeping diseases like hypertension and diabetes at arm’s length.

You’ll feel more energetic

An hour or so of intense physical activity can leave you bubbling with energy through the course of the entire day. Following a healthy lifestyle on a regular basis can bring you this “runner’s high” every day. The result? An ability to concentrate harder, work longer and accomplish more.

You’ll handle stress better

Don’t we all wish we had jobs that were relaxed and stress-free? But pressure is a part of every job and it’s important to learn how to handle it well if you want to excel at work and move up the corporate ladder. Sticking to a healthy lifestyle makes dealing with stress easier. Exercise benefits as it releases chemicals that reduce tension and anxiety and improve the brain’s tolerance to stress.

It will enhance brain function

Healthy habits will also help you think on your feet. Numerous studies have linked sleep deficit to impaired judgment, underlining the importance of a good night’s rest for optimal performance and productivity at the workplace. A balanced diet plays a key role in boosting brain function by ensuring the supply of essential nutrients to the brain. A balanced diet plays a key role in boosting brain function by ensuring the supply of essential nutrients to the brain.

Top tips: How to stay healthy

• Include at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise in your routine each week • Stick to a balanced diet • Drink two litres of water a day • Get 7-9 hours sleep every night • Quit vices like smoking and drinking

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