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Advantages of temporary employment

The job market is still recovering as a result of the pandemic, leaving many individuals still struggling to secure a permanent role. As a result of this we are seeing a rise in temporary jobs, as companies try to get back on their feet.

If you are struggling to find the perfect permanent position in your career, or are a recent graduate looking to find out what kind of career would interest you, temporary roles are a great alternative to waiting around for the right job. A lot of individuals are hesitant when it comes to taking a temporary job opportunity, however the below advantages should be considered.


Temporary roles often offer flexible working hours, which can make this an excellent choice for those with childcare or other commitments during a normal working week. Temporary roles can also allow you to make more time for yourself. You can be in control of how long you are going to work for and when you take your career breaks.

Fill employment gaps

Securing a permanent role can sometimes take a long time and that’s okay. The permanent role you are looking for may be in a niche industry or be a very competitive industry to get in to. Whatever the reason, considering a temporary role while you are looking is a great way to keep your CV from having any significant gaps in employment. This is also a great was to stay financially stable while you patiently wait for you dream job!

It can lead to a more permanent role

A lot of temporary positions are fixed contract for various reasons such as to cover individuals on maternity leave, sabbatical or a number of other reasons. If the position is temporary to help with

Employers that really appreciate the work you have done and think you fit into the company well may also try and make room for you through creating a new position at the company. Another reason to give it your all in a temporary role to impress your employers!

Testing the waters

A very obvious point to consider when taking a temporary or fixed contract role is that you are not making a long-term commitment. This is a great opportunity to test the waters in a new industry you have always considered moving into, or to sample a completely different role without committing to it as a long-term career. Temporary roles are also a great way to first start building experience on your CV if you are a recent graduate, while also allowing you to gain experience in a job to see if this is what you would consider committing to as a career choice.


As previously said a temporary role may sometimes end up leading to a permanent position at the company. If this does not happen you have however still gained a network by working with new employers. Even if your temporary role is only a few months long you can still make good connections within the company, and that can mean good references for your next permanent role.

Although it can seem daunting taking a role you know is only temporary, this is a great way to keep you in a career focused mindset and most importantly employed! You never know when a temporary opportunity may lead to something more.

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