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Overcoming First Day Nerves

Getting through interviews and securing your dream job can be an exciting time, but many people still feel anxious about starting their first day. Feeling a bit worried about starting is completely normal, but there are a few things you can do to help calm your anxiety.

Get a good night’s sleep

Preparation is key to making your first day go as smoothly as possible. Make sure you have your outfit ironed and ready to go for the next morning, set your alarms and make sure you get plenty of sleep! A good rest will improve your mood and help you feel organised for the day ahead of you.

Don’t expect to hit the ground running

Your new employers will know you can do the job after interviewing you and offering you the role. They also know that you can’t be expected to jump straight into the role on your first day and know the ins and outs of the company! Your first day will most likely involve an induction, getting to know a bit more about the office environment and also meeting some of your new colleagues. Starting a new job, especially at a new company involves taking in a lot of information so be prepared to absorb it!

Avoid unnecessary stress

Make sure you plan ahead and are organised for your first day. Check how long it is going to take you to drive or use public transport, and where the closest car park is if you need a parking space! You want to aim to arrive 10-15 minutes early to avoid the unnecessary anxiety involved with rushing into the office in a panic. Also make sure you know exactly when you are supposed to start your induction and who you are supposed to meet with, you can check this before with your hiring manager or recruiter. Having your game plan for the morning can help you more prepared and relaxed about starting.

Remember being new is only temporary

It can be very noticeable in the office when a new person joins and can be hard to feel like you aren’t being judged! Remember your first day is an exciting chance to get to know your new colleagues. Getting to know people in your lunch break or asking your colleagues questions while settling at your desk can help you feel a bit more comfortable. A friendly attitude when you start will make it more likely for new colleagues to approach you. You won’t be the new person forever!

Take notes

As mentioned before there will most likely be a lot of information to take in during your induction. Make sure you have a pen and paper to take notes on any tasks that are shown to you. You might find yourself being bombarded with login information and passwords so its best to make sure you’ve written it all down!

Stepping into the unknown with unfamiliar faces can feel very daunting but remember everyone has to have a first day! You won’t be the new employee forever. Before you know it, you will be settled into your role, just remember to channel your nervousness into excitement!

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