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Positivity and Patience!

We are now close to waving goodbye to a very unexpected and challenging 2020. Whilst many of us begin to re-evaluate where we are both personally and professionally, at this time it’s also important to still remain patient. It is also just as important to enjoy the warm greetings the winter season brings and try to re- connect with family and friends (albeit still with Covid protocols in place) and re-energize.

The first few months of the New Year are a great time to approach your job search with positivity. Many companies have their new hiring budgets and will have clearer ideas of their manpower requirements for the rest of the year. Although January can be a slow start, often it can be busy with new roles from the end of the month onwards.

Time to get organized and update your CV, LinkedIn profile and interview attire wardrobe. But remember to take time and relax and enjoy the last few weeks of the year….

2021- we are so ready for you!

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