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To Stay or Go

Is it time to move on and see what else is out there? This is a question on a lot of employee’s minds now, with the recovering economy making way for a larger number of available job openings, and for employers to be looking for fresh top talent.

Switching jobs is a major change and can have a significant impact on your personal life. How do you decide if you should stay in your role or move on? There are a number of factors you should weigh up before making such a big decision, below are some examples:

Know your motivation

Why do you want to find a new role? There are a number of factors that are outlines below which could make someone want to leave their role. It is important that you take the time to consider if switching jobs is the best option for you right now, and for it to not simply be an impulsive move.

Identify the factors that would make you stay. If this is simply just a pay rise, then it is worth having a conversation with your manager before putting your CV out there.


A good work-life balance can be crucial to job satisfaction. Do you feel like your company values your personal time? Long hours and work-related stress can leave you questioning whether your job is worth it.

Many companies are also offering flexibility in terms of working from home as the new norm, with the pandemic demonstrating employee’s ability to be productive from home. Flexibility in working hours may also be something you are looking for depending on what is happening in your personal life or in terms of your commute to work.


Does your community provide you the opportunity to grow and learn? Are you able to fully utilize your skills in your current position? Do you feel like you have got everything out of your job and there is no room to take on further responsibility? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself. If your role has flatlined and you feel you feel you feel you have no further value to gain, it may be time to look for a company that will provide you with more autonomy and opportunity to grow with them.

The Job Market

Timing can be everything when you are looking for a new job. Consider the last couple of years with the Covid-19 pandemic for example. Unpredictable situations such as this one caused a massive economic change, and with that came a lot of redundancies and a competitive market.

Before making a move away, make sure you’ve done some research into the competitiveness of the industry you are seeking to secure a position in. Also consider what your current position can offer you in comparison to others in terms of salary, as well as the other factors listed above. A career move should not solely depend on a salary increase, make sure it is a career you will enjoy and allow you to grow with the company.

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