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Transparency in the Recruitment Process

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Honesty and communication are important building blocks in any relationship, and are essential when you want to get the most of your recruiter. It may seem advantageous or be temping to stretch the truth slightly on a resume or be as open as possible to all opportunities, however this may end up hindering your career search. Below are four point of transparency you should keep in mind when communicating with your recruiter.

Be honest about your interests

Once a recruiter starts the shortlisting process for a role, they will reach out to candidates they think would suit the job description. You don’t have to say yes to every role you are called about just because it is a new opportunity. Saying no and being transparent about the type of role or industry you are interested in will help you in the long run, as there is no point wasting wasting your time or a hiring manager by attending interviews you aren’t really interested in.

Your skills and experience

Make sure that when listing out your professional skills on your CV, they actively reflect on your capability levels! Be honest with your recruiter about what you have experience with and what you don’t, as somewhere along the hiring process you will have to demonstrate your skills.

Misrepresenting your skill levels may lead to time wasted on a role above your capabilities, and could also make you come across as untrustworthy to your recruiter or the hiring manager. Being honest with recruiters may be help them to see potential in your actual skills for other more suitable roles, and also allow them to give you realistic advice on where you can enhance your CV to maximize your chances.

Salary expectations

A recruiter’s goal is to help you land a job with the salary you are looking for. Be honest when talking to a recruiter about expectations and be realistic. This can help streamline your recruiters search for a suitable role by ruling out jobs that aren’t in your scope.

Your job search

If you are very active in the market then make sure your recruiter is aware! If you have interviews or an offer for other roles then communicate, as this can help your recruiter to see what roles you are interested in as well what level. It can also give a recruiter leverage to expedite hiring processes with their clients, as if a hiring manager knows you are in demand in the market, they may speed up their decision.

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