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What Can a Recruiter Do for You?

Registering and going through a recruitment agency can have lots of benefits for your job search, like saving you time, having someone to brief and prepare you for the role, as well as getting valuable feedback for progression.

If you have chosen to work with a recruiter there are ways you can maximize this partnership for success. Consider the below points when trying to make the most out of your relationship with a recruiter.

Find the right agency

Start by researching and finding the right recruitment agency for you. Not all agencies work with the same industries and roles, so it may be worth looking into what one is the best for your experience. There isn’t much point registering with an F&B agency when you are looking for an engineering job! Once you have found the right fit you can begin to build a rapport.

Understand what they can do for you

It’s important to have the right expectations when working together. Recruiters’ jobs are to pair a client with the best possible candidate for their roles. While advice is something an agent can offer you, writing up your CV from scratch is something they cannot do! However, your recruiter may be able to give you pointers on formatting your CV before this is submitted to specific clients to maximize your chances. They can also help you get the inside scoop on the role and the Hiring Manager interviewing you. Feel free to ask any tips about the interview or the interviewer’s character, as they will have a good relationship with their client. It is also in their best interest to make sure you do well in an interview!

Be Honest

It’s important that recruiters know about your experience and skillset so they can put you forward for the right roles. Be honest about what past jobs have entailed when describing the day-to-day tasks, and don’t put skills on your CV that you struggle with! This will save you and the recruiter time by not putting you forward for a role that is above or below your capabilities.

Be realistic

Salary expectations will often be one of the first talking points when a recruiter is getting to know your profile. Be realistic and consider what you want to ask for. Also be sure to consider the current markets and rate for the kind of role you are hoping to secure.

Be transparent

Working with a recruiter will work best if you have an open and honest relationship.

Be frank about your likes and dislikes when it comes to potential roles, so neither of you are wasting your time when they call you up about an opportunity you would rather not take! Any other deal breakers to you such as company location should also be communicated to your recruiter to help them find the most suitable role for you.

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